Saturday, January 1, 2011

Liam's 1st Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese

Hello All!

So, my lil man Liam turned 1 on December 29, 2010. I can't believe he is 1 year old already. Man, time really flies by when you are having fun. I love being a mommy to two beautiful children. I am so blessed in my life.

Since Liams birthday is so close to Christmas, we decided to just have a small get together at Chuck E Cheese on his actual birthday which was on a Wednesday. I say small but, we still had at least 20 people there. Mostly just family and some close friends. We had a blast. Liam loved the carusel. He would have been content just riding that all day long. I made cupcakes for everyone and Liam ate 3! Man, he loves mommy's cupcakes! He got lots of great gifts and he loved all of them.

Here's some pictures, Enjoy!


Liam having fun on the carousel.
Malorie having fun on the carousel.

The kids with Aunt Carrie.

Liam having some lunch. He kept on trying to pull off his Chuck E Cheese bib so I had to put one of Malorie's old bibs on him. Sorry for the pink bib Liam. LOL

Malorie and Liam having fun together.

Opening presents with Aunt Ally and Grandpa Rex.

Grandma Bonnie showing Liam one of his cool toys.

Liam "starting" to break down...

OK he's done! LOL

Mommy handing out the cupcakes to Aunt Megan and Aunt Ally.
Mommy bringing Liam his birthday cupcake so we can sing "Happy Birthday".

Malorie's friend Cash Collins enjoying his cupcake.


Cupcake coma...

I'll post another blog later today with the videos from the party. Bye!

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